The Honest Company - A Diaper & Wipe Review


I wrote a review a while back about trying The Honest Company's diapers, wipes and family essentials. I hadn't given the diapers and wipes a really good try yet, so I thought I'd update my thoughts.

Overall? The diapers are great. We've had no leaks. The designs are absolutely adorable. They seem to hold quite a decent amount of pee pee (as we accidentally tested one night when HUT fell asleep before we could change him into a larger diaper). They are also soft and haven't given our boy any diaper rash.

Unfortunately, we still won't splurge on purchasing them monthly because 1) we don't go through that many diapers in one month and you can't skip a month (from what I've heard) and 2) they are too darn expensive. With all of the great diaper deals out there, it's just not justifiable for a family that is on a budget like we are. If you would prefer to save elsewhere to have something a little more "green" and aren't cloth diapering? I'd say to give these a try.

{ We are a skull and crossbones kind of family, but the plaid and anchor designs were just as cute. }

However, the wipes are another story. Oh these wipes. They might be the most horrible wipes of any wipes I've ever tried with HUT. I usually purchase sensitive to keep his hiney nice and clean, but occasionally we'll buy the Costco brand on sale. We've also tried Target brand and a few others. The Honest wipes are horrendous. They are hard to get out of the pack, they are close to impossible to get separated (which is none too pleasing when your child has a blowout and is wiggling on the changing table in a nice restaurant bathroom) and they are terribly rough on the skin. The individual sheets seem smaller as well, but I haven't done a side-by-side comparison to confirm.

The wipes would be reason #3 as to why the monthly pricetag of $85 for diapers from Honest just won't work with our lifestyle. If the wipes aren't usable, it's kind of a no brainer to use that money elsewhere.

As with the last post, we are still buying their other products and have been happy with the shampoo, lotion, detergent, hand soap, sunscreen and other products. We're going to give it a couple of more months and re-evaluate if it's worth the cost.

Anyone else trying out Honest? What do you think?

*Just as stated in the last post, this isn't sponsored. I spent our own money, thanks to a deal on Zulily, to purchase and try these products!


  1. I haven't commented before but have bben a long time reader! We are currently using the diapers and wipes. I agree the wipes aren't my favorite. For lots I would say the diapers aren't worth the splurge but our daughter has horrendously sensitive skin and we've seen a huge change in her rashes since using these so with hopefully only a few more months in diapers we decided it was worth the splurge!!! The products tended to dry her skin out more than it already is though so we didn't purchase those

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your experience! I'm happy to hear that the diapers have helped your daughter. If we were in that same boat, we'd be splurging too.