Getting Oily

October 30, 2014

I've started to dip my toes into the essential oils world after so much has come out about the toxic things that are in so many products that we use - particularly bad here in the US.

I didn't go with the popular multilevel sales brands and, instead, am opting to educate myself with a course online and purchase brands from various health stores and online sites. I'll go into more detail eventually, when I feel comfortable, and when I feel like I'm doing it right for my own family.

But, since I posted this image on Instagram last night, a ton of people have asked me to share the essential oil diffuser that I use...

You can purchase it for $40 on Amazon - it's the ZAQ Noor Litemist Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser and we absolutely love it. I do blends for relaxation, for cold season since we've had runny noses, and to uplift our spirits around here.

I'm not an expert, but so far we really like this one. It runs on it's own for several hours and then turns itself off when finished. You use minimal water and only a few drops of oils and the smell is just the right amount of strong and will fill up our rather large kitchen/family/dining space for quite a while.

Now That You Have All of That Time...

October 27, 2014

Now that I have both of my kids in some sort of school, someone asked me how in the world I could be so busy and NOT have time to blog. It was a legit question - they didn't say it in a mean way, but it still rubbed me wrong. Mainly because it's the first time that I've ever had to justify my time as a SAHM mom with anyone.

It's kind of like saying, "I'm sure you have plenty of time to sit around and eat bon bons now that your kids are in school." Sure, having the kids in school opens up more time to sit at my computer and try to type out the random tidbits that float around in my head and to document a lot of the moments in our lives - if you look at it from the outside.

But... the truth is - my time with them at school is infinitely busier. Why? Because for the first time in four years I have the ability to manage all of my tasks without a child crying, demanding, needing or getting into something. I can accomplish tasks without someone playing Houdini to get out of that grocery cart. I can run in and out of stores without unbuckling, lugging a big diaper bag, rebuckling, etc.

So, when you've been gifted with this child-free time, what do you do?


Cleaning, laundry, cooking, errands, groceries, working out, a (big gasp here...) SHOWER! Do you even understand the luxury that is taking a shower or going to the bathroom without someone watching you? As awesome as motherhood can be, having your child stand right next inquiring about whether you are pooping or not while you try to use the restroom is not one of the finer moments in parenting.

And, if we're going to get real here, I truly only get about 1 hour and 40 minutes twice a week of no kiddo time. They are at two different schools on entirely different schedules, so it's not quite as much time as one might think. If anything, it's a lot more time in the car - on T/Th nearly two full hours of car time when you add it all up.

So, just to experiment, tomorrow I'm going to snap photos from sun-up to sun-down with my phone to get you know what just exactly it is that I do.

I can't promise I'll get it posted within 24 hours, but it will be posted.

Hits & Misses

October 24, 2014

HIT - Lucky Women's Emmie Flat in Nude

These are inexpensive, cute, classic and super comfy. I don't know how well they will hold up in the long run, but for $59, it's worth the risk. I bought mine when we were in NYC and my feet were killing me - walking around that city is no joke.

MISS - Toy Commercials

All of the kid channels (Nick Junior, Disney Junior, etc.) have already started to ramp up their toy commercials for the holiday seasons and, boy oh boy, does HUT finally get it. All day it's "OH I WANT THAT. OH GET ME THAT. OH MOMMY ADD THAT ONE TO MY LIST!" It won't be at all hard to shop for this one this year. So far a random tow truck that literally can tow things and a massive dinosaur Transformer seem to be winning the toy pool over here.

HIT - Gap Fall Sale

There is a massive sale going on at Gap this week, and on Wednesday I stocked up on a few basics for all four of us for insanely cheap prices. Here's a little sample of the goods (nothing I purchased was above $16.99)...


October 23, 2014

I've been cooking up a storm lately, but I just wanted to share one quick recipe. I had three bananas that were very close to meeting their fate with the trash can, when I decided to whip up a banana bread instead. Cinnamon sounded really good, so after a quick Pinterest search, I found this recipe:

You guys - it's delicious. HUT has eaten four pieces of this stuff already - which is insane for him. I will be making this a lot more often. It's such a quick, easy and (mostly) healthy breakfast!

It's Fall

October 22, 2014

I guess you could say that my nearly one month hiatus is because it's now my favorite season of the year.

We've done a little (six year) anniversary celebrating...

And State Fair going...

Vacationing (with my mom, while the U held down the fort with the kids for three days - all survived and even thrived). I also managed to take absolutely zero pictures of myself while gone.

Pumpkin patching...

With much more in between.

I'm a bit lost on this blog at the moment - I'm facing the inevitable "how much of my life do I really want to share on an open forum" questions that it seems all bloggers eventually have to ask themselves. It's come up twice already in the past six months, so I really need to decide - keep it up or shut it down.

But, for now, I'm going to keep on posting when I feel up to it.