Bathroom Game Changer


You can file this under "OMG I cannot believe she just posted about that," but I don't even care. Someone introduced me to this, then I saw it on Shark Tank, then I held off on purchasing, but then finally bit the bullet and did it and...

It's a game changer.

So much so, that I need to share it with the world. Shout from the mountain tops.

Provide you with a (affiliate) link.

Squatty Potty®

We don't need to go into any details. You just need to buy one. Pronto.

You can thank me later (anonymously, if preferred).

Paint Bucket Easter Baskets


My kiddos have never had fancy Easter baskets. Each year I just find something cute from the cheap-o aisle at Target and we call it a day. Now that they are older, I think that having a cutesy basket that will last them through their egg hunt years is a cool tradition.

My first inclination was to go to PBK to check them out, but those things are hecka pricey. Ellie's awesome teacher happened to share a local business on her Facebook, a business of one of the other moms in Ellie's class, and I couldn't pass it up.

They were $25 without the fancy pants ribbon, $35 with. Ellie loves them - she calls them her "pumpkins," since the only holiday she knows of, thus far, with candy in a bucket is Halloween. Haiden, quite frankly, won't be impressed until their are actual eggs with candy inside of his bucket.

Check her out on Facebook, B. Bell Designs!



Ginger Beef, Mushrooms and Kale Stir Fry

Simple and easy Asian food. This was crazy delicious. I used fresh ginger instead of dry, opted for flank steak that I butterflied and cut into pieces, and I served it with basic quinoa that I cooked in broth. Make this yesterday.

One Pot Chili Mac N Cheese

Be careful with this recipe - I added too many noodles and it just did the recipe wrong. Flavors are definitely there though and it's so insanely easy to make. I'll be trying this one again.

Knock Off Tuscan Olive Garden Soup

After two bites, the U said, "I feel like I've had this before. But this is even better." Clearly the man had been to Olive Garden. And then my dad said the same thing. I switched it up by using turkey breakfast sausage for the meat because it just gives so much more flavor. So satisfying with some homemade bread (which my mom has become an expert at making with a super simple recipe that I'll share another day).

Tracy Anderson Workouts


In the middle of one of my many sleepless nights, I was Instagram stalking perusing celebs and came across Tracy Anderson's Insta page. I saw some dance routines for working out, which I tend to prefer (although, along with many things that I am not, you can add dancer), so I decided to look into her website and what she is all about.

Then I ordered my first DVD on Amazon.

And then I ordered three more.

I have to admit, she's a distinct taste. Sometimes I feel like she's off beat, her routines aren't always consistent, and there are a few instances where she confuses her left and right. But.

I. Love. Her.

The 15 minute routines weren't long enough for me, and I hated doing two in a row because that meant two warmups and two cool downs, so I bought the 30 minute dance DVD, which I did this morning. The music on it is terrible, but you just follow along with her. She doesn't talk (which I prefer), so I think that next time I'll just mute the tv and turn on a dance station instead.

Her Method DVDs really work your muscles like crazy, too.

I'm hoping that these, along with getting back into tennis and maybe some yoga, will be enough of a variety to keep this old girl on the fitness kick for a bit.

Vacation Clothes on the Brain


I'm not a fashion blogger. I am, however, a blogger who likes fashion. I don't post pics of myself in outfits because 99% of the time I'm wearing yoga pants and I haven't been happy with my weight in, oh, ten years.

But today starts triple points at Nordstrom, so I thought I'd share some of my picks.

We're headed to Cabo for our annual family vacation at the end of next month, so the only thing on my brain is shopping for the beach. Every year I do this, and every year I wind up wearing nothing but flip flops, maxis, swimsuits and cover ups. Alas, it still helps pump up the spring/summer wardrobe in my closet.

Here are my picks if I were going to splurge (and if you shop online, make sure to shop through Ebates for extra savings!)...

Nordstrom Triple Point Wants

Clearly I am not a huge fan of color - simplicity is apparently key in my wardrobe these days. The only thing off of this list that I allowed myself to actually buy were the wedges. But that doesn't mean that I won't be back for something else soon...

I find Nordstrom's site a bit daunting at times because they just have so many things. I prefer Cliff's Notes when it comes to shopping - anyone care to share what they bought during triple points?