Hits & Misses

October 24, 2014

HIT - Lucky Women's Emmie Flat in Nude

These are inexpensive, cute, classic and super comfy. I don't know how well they will hold up in the long run, but for $59, it's worth the risk. I bought mine when we were in NYC and my feet were killing me - walking around that city is no joke.

MISS - Toy Commercials

All of the kid channels (Nick Junior, Disney Junior, etc.) have already started to ramp up their toy commercials for the holiday seasons and, boy oh boy, does HUT finally get it. All day it's "OH I WANT THAT. OH GET ME THAT. OH MOMMY ADD THAT ONE TO MY LIST!" It won't be at all hard to shop for this one this year. So far a random tow truck that literally can tow things and a massive dinosaur Transformer seem to be winning the toy pool over here.

HIT - Gap Fall Sale

There is a massive sale going on at Gap this week, and on Wednesday I stocked up on a few basics for all four of us for insanely cheap prices. Here's a little sample of the goods (nothing I purchased was above $16.99)...


October 23, 2014

I've been cooking up a storm lately, but I just wanted to share one quick recipe. I had three bananas that were very close to meeting their fate with the trash can, when I decided to whip up a banana bread instead. Cinnamon sounded really good, so after a quick Pinterest search, I found this recipe:

You guys - it's delicious. HUT has eaten four pieces of this stuff already - which is insane for him. I will be making this a lot more often. It's such a quick, easy and (mostly) healthy breakfast!

It's Fall

October 22, 2014

I guess you could say that my nearly one month hiatus is because it's now my favorite season of the year.

We've done a little (six year) anniversary celebrating...

And State Fair going...

Vacationing (with my mom, while the U held down the fort with the kids for three days - all survived and even thrived). I also managed to take absolutely zero pictures of myself while gone.

Pumpkin patching...

With much more in between.

I'm a bit lost on this blog at the moment - I'm facing the inevitable "how much of my life do I really want to share on an open forum" questions that it seems all bloggers eventually have to ask themselves. It's come up twice already in the past six months, so I really need to decide - keep it up or shut it down.

But, for now, I'm going to keep on posting when I feel up to it.

Hits & Misses

September 19, 2014

This is becoming my funnest, and easiest, blog post of the week. It's nice to do a little recap in my head of the good, and not so good, things of the week.

HIT - Homespun Honeybee Designs

If you're looking for some cute hair bows for your little one, I purchased 12 sets (just incase we do pigtails one day), for $24! Yes, $1 a bow. And the 3" bows are just right for my taste - not too big, but a bit of a graduation from our little baby bows. At the rate that we lose our bows, these are perfect.

Ellie is a huge fan of them, and she insists we change the color multiple times a day. I opted for the $10 quick shipping, but I think that it's probably not necessary if you can wait a week or so to receive them.

And, now that we've received them, I'm already determining which colors we missed that I need to add to our collection. :)

MISS - I was Booed

Someone put a cute little note on our front door with a baggie of Halloween candy and I didn't follow through. I feel kind of terrible about that, but when the note says you have one day to complete the mission and it's a Saturday where the last thing you want to do is go purchase Halloween goods with two kids in tow in your crazy-busy-on-Saturday town? Probably not going to happen.

So what happens next? I'm Booed again the next evening by someone else. And, being the crazy lady that I am, I not only took on the challenge the next day, but I also redesigned the papers that came along with it and above is what I sent out instead. Hopefully whoever started this won't be pissed that I changed it up.

HIT - Christmas Cards

I've already got mine designed and in the bag - just need to wait for our pictures in December so I can drop one in the card and send to the printer!

Since the Fall usually becomes chaotic around here, I decided to be proactive and check anything off of the list that I can. I am also mid-design on one for my BFF. My little hiatus from designing has given me a breath of fresh creative air. I might just open the shop back up one day with a few designs. Maybe.

Adios Naptime

September 18, 2014

Just like that, HUT is no longer a napper. We had an incredibly rough day on Tuesday - from the moment he woke up, he was just not having it. And by "it," I mean everything and anything.

Since HUT has started his new school, we have to wake him up before seven each morning in order to eat, get dressed, etc., before heading out of the door around 7:30. On Tuesday, everything came to a head. Tempers flared, one or more of us (yes, including me) shed some tears, frustrations soared - it was truly one of those down in the dumps parenting days where you think that you'll never get things right and all you are doing is screwing up your child.

So, what's a mom to do? I texted the U and said that I had had it - HUT never wanted to go to bed at night, woke up incredibly grumpy, and everything was becoming a fight. I made the executive decision to drop his afternoon nap. Until this point, I could still get him down for an hour or so of naptime each day.

On Tuesday afternoon, I let him play. Then we went outside and played some more. We avoided the nap altogether and, even though he was fading, we took a trip to Costco as a distraction (toys! snacks! all the things!). Before we knew it, dinner was eaten, baths were done and the sun was beginning to set.

A good tooth brushing, three books and 15 minutes later? He was out.

Wednesday he not only received a green smily, but also a good note and report from his teacher. We were all much happier campers.

Today is day three of this - and I hope that I'm not jinxing myself - but this routine seems to be working wonders for his little personality.

So, adios naptime. You sure were great while I had you. And while I'll miss that hour plus of alone time, nothing can compare to a happy child.