Easy Easter Treats


Normally, in the past, I've always been "that mom." You know, the one who goes out of her way to make something cute and creative for the entire class, even though it's not expected. Annoying to many, appreciated by some, gratifying (for me) every time.

After the year that I've had, though, I've been off my game. I've barely remembered to get things together for the minimum that HUT and Ellie's classes asked for the holidays and my creative thinking cap was, most definitely, never on. Now that things seem to be getting better - my parents are healed, my face is on the mend, my life is not as chaotic - I finally got back into my groove for Easter with the kiddos' classes.

That said, I don't like to spend a lot and I am also THAT mom who doesn't send candy. Poor HUT just doesn't do so well on sugar, so I try to find fun things that I can send instead.

As per usual, I defer to the seasonal aisles at the Dollar Tree and this is what I came up with this year:

The tag was created using a graphic from one of my favorite sites, Creative Market. Every week they have free downloads and around the holidays they have great graphic freebies for the season. All I did was add a little "Happy Easter" and each kiddo's name via Illustrator. 

Took me all of about 30 minutes to design, print and assemble and I think they will be a hit tomorrow at their Easter parties!

Hey There


I believe I have a wedding to recap, a Spring Break to cover and some fun (inexpensive) family activities here in Dallas to share, but, alas, I'm still recovering from said week off of school and a time change. I'm working on things, but, for now, you can keep up with my shenanigans on Instagram best!

Filling Our Buckets


I can't remember which mommy friend recommended this book to me, but one of the ladies in a mommy group that I'm in mentioned Have You Filled a Bucket Today? - and I am so glad that they did. We've been on a reading kick at bedtime, but our library was due for an update. We've moved beyond the board books and I'm so sick of reading A Halloween Scare in Texas (HUT's favorite) - so we have expanded things. I'm always up for a book that also teaches a valuable lesson. At the ages of three and five, this is becoming even more apparent.

This book is all about making people feel good - essentially everyone has an invisible bucket that needs to be "filled" - whether it be by praise, a hug, etc. And if you're mean? You take from someones bucket. And also your own.

We LOVE this book. So much so, that I purchased one for HUT's class because I thought his teacher would love it. She did. She even sent out an email to all of the parents recommending it.

We now talk about our buckets all day around this house, and it's so nice to just say "my bucket is empty" when we need someone to help lift our spirits a bit.

I have a few more books that we're enjoying that I will share later on, but this one should be in every young child's library. And for only $10? Totally worth the investment!

Hipster Glasses


So, blame it on the old age, or the plethora of prescriptions I'm on for my face, things have become a bit more blurry so I finally caved and went in to get my eyes checked. The last time I did that? I still had my maiden name.

Turns out, while my eyes are in pretty decent shape, I do need glasses for distance. Not a big shocker there. A while back, we purchased some Warby Parker glasses for the U for work (he's in front of a computer screen all day long). We loved the experience, so I decided to give it a whirl myself.

Here in Dallas, though, we are fortunate enough to have an actual Warby Parker store, so I could go try them all on, instead of the typical five that you pick online. Good thing, because I didn't like any of the five that I would have picked out to be sent in the mail.

The experience was awesome - and, really, this should be a sponsored post because of all the damn word of mouth I've given them lately. I'm pretty sure the people working the glasses counter at Costco did not appreciate me sending their customers elsewhere yesterday.

But this isn't sponsored. I'm just spreading the love. So much so, that I think I might go in for a second pair in the near future. They shipped right to my house, so I still didn't have to pay any sales tax, I got a great pair of glasses, 30-day return policy, as well as having my lenses covered for one year. For $95.

I'm sure most of you have already heard of Warby Parker, but if you haven't tried, and you need glasses, do it. Just do it.

So here were my final two choices:

Please ignore the grubby ill-fitting clothes, lack of makeup, dilated eyes, etc. We were about to head out of town for the wedding and I was running around like a mad woman. Never have I ever felt so out of place grabbing a coffee at the trendy coffee bar down the street then I did looking like this. Although it was a great latte. :)

Surprisingly, this was going to be my choice. Until I sent both pictures to the U and he quickly persuaded me to go the other route.

And the final choice:

Taking this many pictures of myself made me realize that I do, in fact, have a bit of a lazy eye. I'll go back to NOT taking selfies from this point forward. It's just not my game.

And, because this child of mine never denies an accessory...

Hitched in the Hill Country


It took us a week to recuperate, but we are finally settled again after the wedding. The kids did really well during the whole weekend down in the Hill Country and, man, I would love to live down there.

HUT took to his job as ring bearer like a champ - he was complaining about weeks ahead and we were sure he was going to refuse to walk down the aisle. Instead he smiled for every picture, he walked down like it was no big thing, and he stood there for the entire ceremony!

We'll just omit the part where he picked his nose and had a little snack for a nice portion of their "I do's." Can't win them all, I suppose.

Ellie was so excited that she and mommy had on the same color dresses and jackets - and I now understand why sometimes moms dress like their daughters. Because it makes the daughter's world. Although I don't really foresee that in our future, but never say never.

If ever you are looking for a wedding venue in the Hill Country area, I cannot recommend Camp Lucy enough. We were fortunate enough to stay on site and it was gorgeous. I would even take the kids back for a little getaway without the wedding. The little cottages are so nice, there's a firepit in the evenings, delicious morning breakfast included and it's so far out in nature that you can see stars you forgot even existed.

Now I've got to find a new adventure - I help my BFF for 14 months plan her wedding, got to use a lot of my creative energy, and now I am going to have to find another outlet...

So, recap photos.

Let's start with the rehearsal dinner. Luckily my friend had someone photograph the evening, so there is actual evidence that we were there, since I'm horrible with my camera these days. They had a really nice family style dinner at County Line on the Hill for everyone, and I had just enough liquid courage to get up and give a little toast to the couple that evening. I am not one for public speaking, so this was a huge deal for me.

 I included the photo above to show you the final outfit that I blogged about. That jumpsuit is amazing. It's flattering, a great price and, if you happen to be a nursing mom, like I once was back in the day, it would be SO easy to do so in this piece. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Up next I'll recap a bit more about the wedding - our family photos and some fun pics from all of the creative details that were put into that day!